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Jaipur, India

Company Description:


Chopra's Designs is a leading design and consultancy firm renowned for its expertise in creating unforgettable multimedia experiences. We specialize in acoustics, audio, lighting, projection, and stage automation, with projects ranging from captivating spectacles to nightclubs, auditoriums, theme parks, corporate offices, cinemas, and events. At Chopra's Designs, we believe in merging art with technology to produce unique and innovative experiences that transport audiences to new dimensions. If you are a highly skilled and creative TouchDesigner artist with a passion for interactive programming and visual storytelling, we invite you to join our team and contribute to extraordinary design projects.


Position: TouchDesigner Artist & Interactive Programmer


Job Type: Full-time


Workplace type: Hybrid


Job Description:


Chopra's Designs is seeking a talented and passionate TouchDesigner Artist & Interactive Programmer to play a key role in crafting mesmerizing visuals and interactive experiences. As a TouchDesigner Artist, you will be instrumental in creating stunning visual content and dynamic animations that elevate our projects. In addition, your expertise in interactive programming and Arduino coding will enable you to develop immersive and engaging interactive experiences that captivate our audiences. Collaboration with the design team, engineers, and clients will be essential to ensure seamless integration of interactive elements into our projects.




  • Create visually stunning and dynamic visual content using TouchDesigner, pushing the boundaries of creative expression.
  • Design and implement interactive programs using TouchDesigner, integrating sensors, cameras, and other input devices to create engaging interactive experiences.
  • Develop interactive installations, exhibits, and live performances that captivate and mesmerize audiences.
  • Collaborate with the design team and clients to understand project requirements and develop innovative visual concepts.
  • Work closely with engineers to integrate interactive elements and ensure technical feasibility.
  • Optimize performance and efficiency of TouchDesigner projects to deliver seamless and high-quality experiences.
  • Stay updated with the latest advancements in TouchDesigner and interactive technologies to continuously elevate the quality of our work.
  • Test and troubleshoot interactive installations to ensure flawless functionality during exhibitions and events.
  • Document and provide technical support for interactive projects and installations.
  • Proactively propose creative solutions and ideas to enhance the visual impact and interactivity of our designs.




  • Impressive portfolio showcasing previous TouchDesigner projects and interactive programming work.
  • Intense knowledge of TouchDesigner software and its capabilities.
  • Proficiency in interactive programming, particularly with Arduino coding and sensors.
  • Creative mindset with a keen eye for aesthetics and attention to detail.
  • Strong understanding of animation principles, visual storytelling, and user experience design.
  • Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively, effectively communicating complex technical concepts to creative and non-creative audiences.
  • Experience creating interactive installations for various platforms and purposes, including events, exhibitions, and live performances.


If you are a highly skilled and creative TouchDesigner artist with a passion for interactive programming, eager to contribute to groundbreaking design projects at Chopra's Designs, we would love to hear from you. Please submit your resume, cover letter, and an impressive portfolio showcasing your TouchDesigner work and interactive programming projects to Please include "TouchDesigner Artist & Interactive Programmer Application" in the subject line.

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Tuesday, August 8, 2023