Technical Assistant

Boston, MA, USA


MASARY Studios seeks an adventurous technician for a role working closely with studio Technical Director Jeremy Stewart. MASARY engages in artistic practices mainly on a commission basis including expressions in multimedia performance, video projection, interactive artworks, technology fabrication and more.

This position will be a full-time position with the title of Technical Assistant.

The ideal candidate has facility in some or most of the skills outlined below. All tasks and responsibilities will be designed and supported by leadership at the studio.

Skills / Expertise


  • Python
    • Python is widely used in our work, research, and development process, including for image, audio, and data analysis, networking, and machine learning. Python is used throughout all phases of project development, from proof-of-concept to production. An ideal candidate should have demonstrated experience working with Python, including across one or more of the areas mentioned above, and should be comfortable learning and incorporating new libraries and frameworks into their workflow.
  • Networking and Messaging
    • Setting up and troubleshooting wired and wireless networks and communication between machines, platforms, and systems.

    • Understanding of different messaging protocols.


  • TouchDesigner

  • Max/MSP

  • Experience and comfort working with Linux systems

    • Setting up new machines, monitoring and system maintenance, log checking, automation, etc.

  • Experience with or knowledge of machine learning, computer graphics, or audio analysis/signal processing concepts and techniques

Nice to Haves

  • JavaScript experience / knowledge

    • NodeJS, Express, React, Material-UI, Socket-io, Pixi.JS

  • MongoDB

  • Physical computing experience

    • Arduino, Raspberry Pi, sensor inputs, PCB layout and design, etc.

Candidate should be / have

  • Detail oriented and organized

  • Strong sense of collaboration and demonstrated ability to be flexible in a fast-changing start-up environment

  • Strong interest and willingness to learn new technologies, tools, and techniques

  • Laid-back and happy when possible, serious when needed

  • Interest in growing with the studio

  • Interest in new and transdisciplinary arts, in other artists, and contemporary multimedia trends, industries, etc.

  • Their own laptop for use at the studio and at home (all software, access, etc. will be provided)

Terms and Compensation

Salary: $40,000-60,000 commensurate with experience

Terms: a W-2 position with tax withholding by the company. MASARY does not offer health insurance. MASARY does offer a simple IRA (retirement plan) which is offered after 1 year of employment.

Schedule: Flexible hybrid schedule developed with studio directors. Presence at the studio for meetings, working sessions, etc., will be required. Our studio is located in Fort Point, Boston and is accessible by public transportation.

MASARY is an Equal Opportunity Employer, does not discriminate based on anything and in fact we prefer you to be unique and / or weird.

About Us


Founded in Boston in 2015, the studio founders were brought together through the Illuminus Festival, creating the work “Waking the Monster” at Fenway Park on Lansdowne Street. Seeing an exciting space for interdisciplinary art and multimedia performance, the group incorporated and committed to a business model of a studio.


The studio is directed and owned by Founders Ryan Edwards and Sam Okerstrom Lang, and employs Technical Director Jeremy Stewart, Design Director Caleb Hawkins and Studio Manager Grace Fo - as well as a number of other collaborating artists and practitioners / craftspeople as the work demands. The studio has recently implemented an apprentice / intern program as well.

What We Do

MASARY has a foundation in multimedia performance artworks and interactive installations. More information can be found on our portfolio and projects at

Future Vision

MASARY plans to continue to create works in the spaces of performance, multimedia art, and site-specific installations. Our interest has grown to include permanent public and architecturally-integrated artworks and technology fabrication.


Office On-site / Off-site

MASARY will provide a workspace and access to the studio, company email address and other basic materials for work. The candidate should provide their own laptop computer for the job.

How to Apply

Interested candidates should send the following to

  • Resume

  • Cover Letter / statement of interest, please include:

    • Your experience in and exposure to relevant art fields (public art, new media, interactive art, performance, etc.)

    • Your strengths and areas for potential growth given the skills we seek

    • Your ability to start work after July 1, 2022


More information about MASARY Studios can be found at our website:

Posted On 
Tuesday, June 28, 2022