TD Freelancer Artist

Toronto, ON, Canada

Hello fellow TD artists!

As a side-gig & a new media artist, I've been tinkering with TD for awhile now and at my full-time job, there's now a project that I believe TD would be perfect for it.

However my skills for TD & time is not adequate to do this by myself so I'm looking to hire a freelance artist who will create visuals for a real-time projection setup, here are some features:

- Main theme: Christmas.

- Creative Idea: Epic journeys, hardship and lots of working in a year and at the end, everyone gathering in a friendly, warm, cozy inn and get some rest & celebrate the magic of Christmas together, reflecting on the past year and getting excited about the upcoming one. The inn will be our half-dome which will physically placed inside/around our office.

So the visuals will include northern lights, snow, maybe some video clips of examples from epic journeys through harsh winter conditions can be integrated as well; plus maybe some other visuals reflecting these magical moments of Christmas.

- Hours: 8 hours to ideate with the in-house creative team + 40-80 hours for the actual production + 8 hrs to install projectors within the dome (we'll be providing you the projectors).

- Projection Surface: A half-shaped dome, that is big enough to house up to 10-15 people (we're still tinkering with the size of the dome).

- Timeline: We'll be launching by Christmas, but the project will possibly start early September so that we have enough time to work out the creases.


Please reach out to me at and your quote for the work & times above ^. 

This is not my company email as we have to keep the project anonymous at this point.


Big thanks to you all! Happy noding with TD! <3

Posted On 
Tuesday, May 23, 2023