Small Freelancer Project for The Eureka Room

Austin or Remote

I've got an existing TouchDesigner setup at my immersive experience, The Eureka Room, in Austin, TX. I'd like to add some features and am seeking a freelancer to help with that work. I'd prefer someone in Austin, but remote is fine. 


My guess is that any intermediate Touch developer would be able to do this in a few days. Though I wouldn't be surprised if it took only a few hours.



This is a currently operating immersive experience room. It is 100 square feet in the room and there is an adjoining waiting room.


One video at a time is parsed up and mapped to 20,000 LEDs and one projector while the sound goes through the headphone jack of the PC.


There is no interactivity, no live videos, and no sensors or any other input. It's basically "press play and walk away". Over the course of an hour I wait until one video finishes and then I hit play on the next one.



  • I want to setup a wireless tablet (probably TouchOSC but open to other options) so that I can control the stop/start of the videos over wifi. I don't need this to run off a website, using the local network to communicate with Touch is totally fine (and much easier).

  • I have a TV in the waiting room that has a slideshow/ppt (including a slide with video) and sound. It currently runs off a separate computer as a slideshow, but I want to move it all to Touch on the PC. 

  • I want to control the waiting room slideshow from the wireless tablet as well.

  • Nice to have: I have a Hue bridge that I want to bring into the mix so that I can map the program to those lights as well. Looks like people have done this in the past but it might be not worth the effort. If this is past your expertise, it's not a dealbreaker.


I'm happy to send the .toe file (but don't judge! :) )


I'm hoping to form an ongoing working relationship for future projects.


For more on Austin's finest boutique immersive absurdist experience room, see but it's kind of hard to explain.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2022