On Site Programmer - Immersive Art Project - Downtown Los Angeles

Los Angeles (Downtown) - Local Hire

I'm looking for a programmer for ~2 weeks to knock out two different TD projects for an immersive art installation in DTLA.

First project (easier of the two) is gesture detection system using a Kinect camera - the gestures are pretty simple (arms up, arms down, and pointing at something) from a single person standing in a special location without other people around them. Once a gesture is detected, send that off to the show control system which will trigger different lighting cues.


Second project is an animation recording/playback system for a series of robots that use Dynamixel motors and LEDs. (3 motors per robot - serial communication, 1 strip of LEDs per robot - artnet)

The animation for the motors will be generated by a puppateer using an xbox controller. The LEDs are driven by the audio track.

We will need a recording interface for the puppateer (play the audio track, record animations, save the takes we like). And then a sytem that will play back the desired tracks when commanded by show control. During the sequences where there are no commands from show control, the robots will have a "keep alive" state where they will look around and blink and then (using another kinect camera) look at people who are walking by.


I've already written the python communication between TD and a single robot, but it needs to be expanded to support 6 robots - same for LED strips over artnet. I've also done the xbox interface for the puppateer, but not the recording/playback part.


Need is immediate! This week and next week would be great.


Very cool project - amazing team:

A Forrest for the Trees - Presented by The Atlantic and Superblue, Sponsored by MasterCard


Please reach out with any questions and I look forward to working with you!

Chris Gabriel

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Tuesday, April 26, 2022