Seeking Live Video Artist for Experimental Underground Metal Band

Los Angeles, CA

Posting this here before I have to resort to Craigslist: We're looking for a live video artist who might be down to collaborate with an experimental metal band on live performances. We're based in Los Angeles, CA.

This isn't a lucrative gig -- if you've ever been in an "esoteric subgenre" band you know the deal -- so someone who is looking to workshop ideas, experiment, or learn new skills they can later apply to well-paying corporate gigs would be ideal. That said, I'm not going to expect you to work for "exposure." I'm a musician, I know exactly what that means.

Also I hate to use this overused term but "avant-garde" is the aesthetic. In the 20th century/modernist sense. No flaming skulls or anything you'd see airbrushed on the side of a van.

Oh also I have a bunch of random MIDI controllers and even V-drums that could be used in interesting ways if you want to actually work from the stage. Wouldn't that be cool? "Larry plays bass, Fred plays guitar, and I play the art."

Any interested parties can email pocrkds (at the gee mail) if they want more info.

pocrkds (at) gmail 

Posted On 
Saturday, September 25, 2021