Retail installation project (Freelance)

London, UK / Remote but must work GMT

We're looking for a freelance touchdesigner professional to work on a 4-week build of an interactive retail experience.  The planned experience is still in development, but will be seeking to utilise Kinect interaction to place users in a scene made up of multiple video, 3D and particle layers, with some gesture based interaction and events with those layers.

The application will also need to be able to take a short video clip or still photo, encode to an appropriate format, and offload to a back end API (which will be built in house).

The developer will need to have their own workstation and other relevant hardware (i.e. Kinect v2), a full commercial licence of TD (commercial player licences will be procured by us for the install locations) and experience of working on this kind of project.

You'll need to have some demostrable expertise around:

Kinect tracking and interaction (TOPS and CHOPS)
Multi-layer video handling and compositing
Generative effects and particles
Communication with web services
Optimisation for operator-free installation (kiosk etc)

The work can be done remotely however you'll need to integrate tightly with a creative, design and production team over MS Teams during the UK working day (GMT). 

Please email with your portfolio for more details.

Posted On 
Monday, September 28, 2020