Projection Ping Pong and Darts Touchdesigner Project



Looking for someone with experience developing computer vision apps to develop a projection ping pong game and darts game for social restaurant and bar. There are some existing examples of this type of product out there now.


This example from Bounce Pong UK was created by Pixel Artworks who was contracted by Bounce who won't sell or license the technology to anyone else. The youtube video below gives you a good view of their product, and then the Pixel Artworks website takes you to their portfolio where they discuss how it was made.

Bounce Pong UK: 

Pixel Artworks: 


Double take Projections did a similar style project, but without motion tracking. They have a projector above and created visual content that is reactive to the sound of the ping pong ball when it is picked up by a microphone attached to the table. A good option, but would rather have the ball tracked with cameras to be able to play mini-games more similar to Bounce's example. 

Double Take Projections:


The Dart concept is a bit different. It does not incorporate projection at all, but likely cameras and sensors to detect the location of where the dart landed on the dartboard which then sends creative content to a TV screen to show the location of the dart with animations and automated point-scoring. Here is a video of the concept of a current business using the technology. From the research I did, I found these companies who were the creators of the tech and content.


Vision Experts seem to be the people behind the dart tracking and sensors.


Remo Creative are the people behind creating the content that displays on the TV.


If you are reading this and even if you might not be suited for this project would love some advice or contacts that might be interested or have the capability to work on this project. Please send me contacts, or direct them to this post.

Please email with your interest, portfolio, and resume. Or if you have any advice or other contacts that would be helpful, please send that along as well.

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Thursday, May 6, 2021