Live Multimedia Technician

Austin, TX

Looking for a multimedia technician for a growing, tech-savvy music artist's live concerts and Twitch streams. Must be local to the Austin area or willing to travel to Austin 1-3 times a week. 


Must-have qualifications

  • Must be at least moderately comfortable working in Windows

  • Must be willing to commute to the artist’s studio/workshop in South Austin as well as various venues around the city

  • At least one year of experience in standard venue AV tech (including audio mixing consoles, lighting rigs, and basic projection)

  • At least one year of experience using Ableton Live, specifically for live music performances

Preferred qualifications

  • Prior experience with projection mapping

  • Familiarity with live streaming software (OBS, Livestream Studio, etc) & configuring hardware / routing for Twitch streams

  • Proficiency with microcontroller-based DIY electronics (Arduino, Adafruit, etc)

  • Proficiency with the basics of TouchDesigner or Max / Max for Live




In this part time contract role, you will be polishing, troubleshooting, setting up, and running a live concert rig that may start out with a handful of the following elements, but will eventually involve all of them:


  • Ableton / Max for Live rig: mostly pre-recorded tracks, live processed vocals, and AV midi patches

  • Projections and basic projection mapping (TouchDesigner and/or MadMapper experience is a plus)

  • Use of a specific generative/midi triggerable 3D world-building software currently in closed beta (which is already built to interface with Ableton via Max for Live. You will be onboarded in meetings)

  • Basic Streamlabs / OBS / Livestream scene & routing management to stream shows on Twitch (must have at least basic level experience in broadcast software or ability to learn the basics of new software very quickly)

  • Interfacing with a wearable MIDI controller prototype (basic understanding of microcontrollers/ Arduino IDE is a plus in order to assist with troubleshooting)**

  • Interfacing with a custom physical stage piece involving addressable LEDs, also audio/midi triggered**

  • You will also function as the artist's primary AV tech contact for live shows on show days, including facilitating sound checks for optimal house and in-ear monitor mixes, as well as optimizing venue lighting scenarios to work with on-stage projections. (Experience creating riders, cue sheets, etc. is a plus to ensure show days run as smoothly as possible all elements considered)


**The artist is already in the process of building the custom hardware pieces, but if you have experience with DIY electronics/fabrication it could help speed up the process.


Important: This will be a modular setup for a growing music artist with an emphasis on innovation and experimentation; please expect a mix of underground/artsy shows and well-equipped intimate venues in the early months. You will be working directly with the music artist to realize their vision. You may also work directly with their digital media artist, administrative assistant, and backing performers at times, as well as any third party live venue personnel and relevant software developers.

Please contact the artist directly at

Posted On 
Saturday, June 26, 2021