Interactive TouchDesigner Developer

Dammam - Saudi Arabia

As an Interactive TouchDesigner Developer, you will play a pivotal role in creating immersive and engaging interactive experiences. You will leverage your expertise in TouchDesigner to design, develop, and implement interactive installations, visualizations, and multimedia content that captivate and inspire our clients and their audiences.


Key Responsibilities:


  1. Interactive Design: Collaborate with creative teams and clients to conceptualize and design interactive experiences that align with project objectives.


  1. TouchDesigner Development: Develop interactive applications using TouchDesigner, leveraging your knowledge of visual programming, real-time graphics, and multimedia integration.


  1. Content Creation: Create stunning visual and audio content that enhances interactive experiences, including 2D/3D animations, generative art, and audiovisual compositions.


  1. Hardware Integration: Integrate various sensors, cameras, and input devices to enable real-time interactivity and responsiveness within installations.


  1. Testing and Debugging: Conduct thorough testing and debugging of interactive systems to ensure seamless performance during live events and exhibitions.


  1. Documentation: Document project specifications, code, and workflows to facilitate collaboration and future maintenance.


  1. Stay Current: Stay updated on industry trends, emerging technologies, and advancements in interactive design to bring fresh and innovative ideas to the team.




1. Proven experience in interactive design and development using TouchDesigner.

2. Proficiency in visual programming and a strong understanding of real-time graphics.

3. Familiarity with multimedia content creation tools and software.

4. Knowledge of hardware integration, including sensors, cameras, and input devices.

5. Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail.

6. Excellent communication and teamwork abilities.

7. A portfolio showcasing previous TouchDesigner projects and interactive experiences is highly desirable.

8. Should be from INDIA

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Posted On 
Friday, September 8, 2023