Interactive TouchDesigner, for Dance Performance



I am seeking a freelancer for creating creating a TouchDesigner / Projection Mapping project of interactive dance projection. I would love to show you my plans and see if this is a project you'd be interested and able to create! 

In short, there will be text written on the screen being projected, and when a person/dancer moves in front of it, those words start to diffuse and flow like sand or water, making it so we cannot see the words when people are moving in front of it. But if people are staying still, the particles will slowly go back into place of the text, and we could read it. 

I have some experience in using TouchDesigner. 

TouchDesigner References: 

    1. I like in this one, the look and feel of the particles and even the color. 

I like in this one, how it seems like the particles are auto-stuck to the shape of the human and then when the human moves it starts to flow around. Except for in mine, instead of a human, for it to be the text. 

Other Notes: 

  1. I would like this to work via MediaPipe Plugin, and not Kinect sensor or standard webcam sensor. 
    1. MediaPipe:

  2. This environment will be very dark/lowlight, and just have a small light on the dancer. 
  3. I will project this TouchDesigner output via MadMapper. 
  4. Duration: Not a duration of a matter of minutes, rather a living file that can just be interacted with via the camera. 

Is my main email! 

Available from 
Tuesday, April 9, 2024