General Dev for Interactive XR Livestream

Vancouver, Canada

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DandiDoesIt is looking for a part-time TouchDesigner contractor to work with us in-person in Vancouver, Canada.

DandiDoesIt is an XR 'live performance video game' (LPVG) which exists as a Twitch livestream channel, and currently runs on TouchDesigner.

We need someone to help us continually iterate on the in-studio TouchDesigner .toe(s) and .tox(s), which interface with our cameras, mics, OBS (via Spout), Twitch events (via LioranBoard), Xinput, etc. The work will mostly focus around the interactive features and UI that take place around Dandi in XR. Work will be agile (read: never-ending experimentation and iteration). Our prime directive is to push forward the concept of what an LPVG can be, and test it every week inside of a real-world test environment.

See for what the current XR livestream looks like.

Compensation is between $1500-$3000 CAD per month, depending on skill level and time availability.

Details to be determined through discovery process with potential candidates.

To get in touch, you can DM me , or DM me on Discord qdaps#4757 or email or call me at 604 862 8428

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Friday, April 30, 2021