Derivative C++ Developer

Derivative is looking for an experienced developer to join the team responsible for developing TouchDesigner. A successful applicant must be able to contribute to a wide array of TouchDesigner’s current and upcoming features, such as the graphics and rendering engine, audio/video pipeline, interfacing with external devices, and the user interface.
The applicant should be a C++ developer with 5+ years of experience developing in large codebases. Our development team interfaces with the end-users heavily and many of the features added to the software are the result of individual developer's initiative based on user feedback. The applicant should be able to manage their own time and priorities, with a focus on what will best serve the end-users. There are many areas in the software that a new developer could focus on, so the actual features/tasks can be a combination of the developer's interests and strengths.

This position is full-time offering a completely flexible working schedule. Derivative’s developer team is based in our downtown Toronto studio, Canadian residents in the Toronto vicinity are preferred.
Required Experience:
  • 5+ years experience working in large codebase for end-user product(s).
  • Strong C++ programming on Windows and/or macOS.
  • Programming real-time, high performance applications.
Programming experience with many of these disciplines:
  • Vulkan / Metal APIs
  • Rendering, shaders and lighting
  • User interface and networking, working with custom and standardized protocols
  • Video/Image and audio processing - Interfacing with external devices and SDKs
  • Incorporating open source libraries into codebase
  • Optimization and algorithms
  • VR, AR applications
Other qualifications:
  • Applicant should be able to manage multiple projects at once.
  • Familiarity with Python is a plus.
  • Strong verbal and written communication.
Bachelors in computer science or computer engineering, or equivalent.
About Derivative and TouchDesigner:
TouchDesigner is a real-time visual development tool aimed at enabling artists to create interactive real-time content. TouchDesigner is used as the platform of choice for a wide variety of different project types such as: musical stage shows, theatrical stage shows, large scale projection mappings, theme park attractions, art installations, retail installations, sports stadiums, VR projects, and feature films. Developing TouchDesigner means being exposed to all of these different markets and their unique demands.
Derivative is located in the vibrant Queen St. West neighborhood of Toronto.
We offer a competitive salary (based on experience) and healthcare insurance benefits. This position is full-time offering a flexible working schedule.

Email us at with your resume, cover letter, and any additional infomation to demonstrate your work.

Available from 
Wednesday, January 3, 2024