AI/Social Generative Art for large screen display


I'm looking for a visual artist with experience of using TouchDesigner with Generative AI for the purpose creating an evolving visual (animated) piece that is influenced by the contributions of a social media feed. I don't have a specification on the final delivery output right now, but I believe that it could potentially be output onto a side of a building.

An artistic vision has not been defined. Our client expressed an interest in using a pulsating heart that was affected by the tweets, so that could be a starting point for the creative concept.  

Unfortunately the turnaround is quite tight - the solution will need to be created and implemented onsite by the beginning of September. In which case we would consider hiring/buying and installing all equipment and perhaps using an existing concept to provide a headstart. The purpose of the piece is to help promote an arts festival and engage young artists (and the wider community).










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Wednesday, July 26, 2023