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Sydney / Canberra

We're urgently looking for an advanced TD programmer for a Sydney/Canberra based job.

The project is a UX design control panel touch screen (all the UX, buttons/faders and navigation is already complete) and will require knowledge of AV equipment and process. This job is not suitable for a remote programmer, as you will need to interface with the physical equipment and team of other programmers (lighting/audio etc)

Please send an email to if you're interested.

Date posted: Oct 26th 2020
Remote - London Based Company
We have an active brief to create an interactive retail installation which we require freelance development assistance with.The work can be done remotely however you’ll need to integrate tightly with a creative, design and production team over MS Teams during the UK working day (GMT).

If you are interested in this role please send your CV/Portfolio to and I'll give you a call to discuss. Thanks :)

Date posted: Sep 30th 2020
London, UK / Remote but must work GMT

We're looking for a freelance touchdesigner professional to work on a 4-week build of an interactive retail experience.  The planned experience is still in development, but will be seeking to utilise Kinect interaction to place users in a scene made up of multiple video, 3D and particle layers, with some gesture based interaction and events with those layers.

Please email with your portfolio for more details.

Date posted: Sep 28th 2020
Remote / EST Preferred

Program real-time interactive experience with reation to optical sensors.

Please email resume or portfolio to:  dylan @

Date posted: Jul 21st 2020

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