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Sydney / Canberra

We're urgently looking for an advanced TD programmer for a Sydney/Canberra based job.

The project is a UX design control panel touch screen (all the UX, buttons/faders and navigation is already complete) and will require knowledge of AV equipment and process. This job is not suitable for a remote programmer, as you will need to interface with the physical equipment and team of other programmers (lighting/audio etc)

Please send an email to if you're interested.

Date posted: Oct 26th 2020
中国上海 Shanghai, China

想拥有对新媒体更好的体验和理解?想在这个巨大的数字媒体市场大展拳脚?那么,来 Digital FUN 吧,成就你的梦想!


Date posted: Oct 20th 2020
Creative · Vancouver, British Columbia
Join forces with the finest team of magic makers at Enchant and pioneer the greatest light experience the events industry has ever seen. We have hosted over two million guests over the past 4 years and have experienced significant growth. Pre-Covid, we were one of the fastest-growing companies in BC. 
We are on the lookout for a talented Technical Programming Lead that can help us integrate, manage and install electronic equipment and lighting installations, turning our ambitious ideas into reality. 
Date posted: Oct 14th 2020
Remote - London Based Company
We have an active brief to create an interactive retail installation which we require freelance development assistance with.The work can be done remotely however you’ll need to integrate tightly with a creative, design and production team over MS Teams during the UK working day (GMT).

If you are interested in this role please send your CV/Portfolio to and I'll give you a call to discuss. Thanks :)

Date posted: Sep 30th 2020
London, UK / Remote but must work GMT

We're looking for a freelance touchdesigner professional to work on a 4-week build of an interactive retail experience.  The planned experience is still in development, but will be seeking to utilise Kinect interaction to place users in a scene made up of multiple video, 3D and particle layers, with some gesture based interaction and events with those layers.

Please email with your portfolio for more details.

Date posted: Sep 28th 2020
Ottawa/Montréal/À distance
L'eau du bain est la recherche d'un programmeur pour travailler sur une oeuvre théâtrale qui utilise un grand mur de lumière DEL derrière un écran de diffusion.
Nous voulons engager un programmeur afin de supporter la conceptrice d’éclairage, Nancy Bussière, afin qu'elle ait le moins de programmation possible à faire et puisse se concentrer sur la conception des effets.
Vous pouvez nous contacter à l'adresse suivante:
Date posted: Aug 28th 2020
Chicago, IL

Leviathan is looking for a Director of Creative Technology with the right experience, knowledge and trail-blazing skills to join us on a journey of creating never-before-seen experiences at the nexus of design, digital media, and interaction.

This senior role requires expert level knowledge of real-time, game engine and generative graphics development platforms, along with the hardware required to improve their usage within physical installations. Presentations will be needed daily to work with your team, creative and project management leads. Work with clients to understand user needs; and be the technology voice of the organization. While first a leadership role, the Director must also be hands-on with creating and troubleshooting code.

Date posted: Aug 14th 2020
Chicago, IL

Leviathan is looking for a Senior Creative Software Engineer (TouchDesigner) to join our team.Leviathan (, a subsidiary of Envoy (, is a Chicago-based design agency that transforms distinct environments into exceptional experiences. Through the blend of artful content, digital technology and physical space, we design destinations that engage audiences, change perceptions and drive transactions for bold brands and entertainment properties worldwide.

Date posted: Aug 14th 2020

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