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Hi there! We are MetaBow, we develop systems for embedding IMU sensors in stringed instruments and are planning performances of Shostakovich’s String Quartet no. 8 to be held in Asia and Europe. We are looking for artists who work with TouchDesigner and live OSC input to work with us on the first performances with our device.

Date posted: May 04th 2022
Derivative is looking for an experienced developer to join the team responsible for developing TouchDesigner. A successful applicant must be able to contribute to a wide array of TouchDesigner’s current and upcoming features, such as the graphics and rendering engine, audio/video pipeline, interfacing with external devices, and the user interface.

Email us at with your resume, cover letter, and any additional infomation to demonstrate your work.

Date posted: May 03rd 2022
Los Angeles (Downtown) - Local Hire

I'm looking for a programmer for ~2 weeks to knock out two different TD projects for an immersive art installation in DTLA.

First project (easier of the two) is gesture detection system using a Kinect camera - the gestures are pretty simple (arms up, arms down, and pointing at something) from a single person standing in a special location without other people around them. Once a gesture is detected, send that off to the show control system which will trigger different lighting cues.


Chris Gabriel

Date posted: Apr 26th 2022
USA - Remote
Come work for Freeman, one of the Largest Live event Companies in the world. We have a rare opening on the team I am on. Lots of ways to put your years of experience to work... we really just try to give you the tools and the reach to amplify you doing what you love and making audiences and customers amazed in the process.
Date posted: Apr 18th 2022

Hello I am a video installation artist transitioning from Isadora to TouchDesigner. I'd like to hire an experienced TouchDesigner user to talk me through a translation of an Isadora path to TouchDesigner. I plan to ingest multiple live feeds via Blackmagic external software and output projection-mapped video to an array of projectors. I'd like to hire you for a one-hour video consultation which may lead to a follow-up series of consultations if the first one is successful. 

Please email me at with a few sentences about your experience, and what is your hourly rate. I'd be happy to pay via venmo, paypal, or zelle. 

Date posted: Mar 27th 2022
London/Vienna or remote

London based studio is looking for a team member for an interactive installation to be build in Vienna. You should have some experience in building interactive installations with input/output to embedded systems such as sensors and LED elements with implementation of bespoke protocols. Timeframe: starting asap, delivery in June. This can be a part time project for you. During the delivery and installation time physical presence in Vienna will be necessary. 

Please get in touch via

Date posted: Mar 10th 2022
Dallas texas

We are looking for a creative designer for an art immersive show we are doing in Dallas, Texas. Our space is 38,000 sq. Feet. It is essential the person who responds to this position live in Dallas, Texas. Look forward to hearing from you.

Karen Bivins


Date posted: Mar 05th 2022

The Creative Developer/Immersive Technologist will develop and implement immersive multimedia form factors for WNDR locations. The candidate will be a part of the WNDR Studios team, helping to create tech concepts (and narratives) for multimedia rooms, bringing them to realization through collaboration with in-house and freelance technical partners.

WNDR exhibits are highly interactive and tech driven interactive environments. We utilize software (TouchDesigner, Resolume, etc.), projection and LED mapping, custom microcontrollers, sensors, and motion tracking.

Please submit the following to
  • Resume detailing prior professional / creative experience
  • Cover letter describing your interest and explaining why you’re perfect for this role
  • Any additional information (portfolio links, etc) that demonstrate your awesomeness
Date posted: Feb 24th 2022