VR Support

All of TouchDesigner’s other features work seamlessly with the built-in VR tools letting anyone get started quickly and easily with virtual reality.

Hello Play The Future of Music, Greg Barth and Phenomena Labs
Image credits Hello Play The Future of Music, Greg Barth and Phenomena Labs

With TouchDesigner and virtual reality you can pre-visualize your installations, view previous work from a new perspective, or create something entirely new that no one has experienced before. Create and play interactive 360 movies. Multicamera inputs and the “Stitcher” tool enable realtime multi-camera stitching from VR at extremely high resolutions. Supporting features available in the lastest Nvidia and AMD GPUs such as multi-projection rendering and multi-view scene picking help keep projects humming at the fast refresh rates VR demands. 

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Native support is included for HTC Vive and its controllers and trackers. A specially prepared HTC Vive Development Environment will help get your ideas up and running in no time. You can even author your project from inside the VR world with a vitual editor interface!  Take off the head display and use the Vive’s excellent low latency controller tracking to use as an input device for real world projection mapping or object tracking. Oculus Rift also has native support in TouchDesigner. Work with the Oculus Audio SDK to create 360 audio effects for your environments. Get started with the included example files to get your creative ideas going quickly and focus on creation instead of setup. 


  • Support for HTC Vive, OpenVR, and Oculus VR systems. 
  • HTC Development Environment to get your projects up and running fast. Author from inside the VR environment! 
  • Support for both HTC Vive Controllers and the new Vive Trackers, as well as Oculus controllers. 
  • Real-time development with native high frame-rates (75-90Hz). 
  • Multi-camera stitching solution in real-time and VR movie playback tools. 
  • Leverages latest rendering technologies from Nvidia and AMD to get the most performance from your hardware.