High performance Media Systems

TouchDesigner is the highest performance video playback software available today. It will let you play more movies, at higher resolution or at higher frame rates, to maximize your hardware’s potential. 

High-performance video playback using advanced codecs like HAP Q, Cineform, H.264 and H.265/HEVC and many other formats. Resolution is only limited by GPU hardware, most GPUs allowing 16K resolutions and newer GPUs allowing 32K. High-framerate 4K 120Hz playback and high numbers of concurrent movies playing limited only by hardware. Built-in tools to manage and configure display layouts ranging from single 1080p outputs to large multi-screen and multi-machine canvases. Create large multi-machine networked infrastructures using sync operators and hardware framelock. 

TouchDesigner offers many solutions for high-performance HD and 4K video input and output in your projects. Native support for HD-SDI (3G-SDI/6G-SDI/12G-SDI) for both input and output using AJA, Bluefish444, and BlackMagic devices. Further native SDK support for high-end camera and capture devices from Datapath, Point Grey, Allied Vision, IDS, and more. Connect any webcam or capture card that supports Windows DirectShow or Windows Media Foundation as well. 


  • Industry-leading high-performance video playback using HAP Q, Cineform, H.264, H.265/HEVC and many other formats.
  • High number of concurrently playing movies limited only by hardware. 
  • High-performance HD and 4K video inputs and outputs. High-framerate 4K 120Hz playback. 
  • Stream video across LAN networks using Newtek's NDI technoloogy. 
  • Stream video to and from other applications using Spout (Windows) or Syphon (macOS). 
  • Stream video to and from the web using RTSP cleants and servers. 
  • Outputs any combination of images to multiple displays in custom configurations. 
  • Simultaneous playback, mixing, and triggering of multiple audio and video sources. 
  • Create large multi-machine networked infrastructures using sync operators and hardware framelock.