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Virtual Production for live events


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We will welcome Nobuaki Kazoe from VJ REZ based in Tokyo!

■ Date
11th October 2020 15:00-18:00 JST

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・We recommend you to join the webinar room at least 5 minutes prior to the workshop.
・We will open the room 30 minutes prior to the event. Please complete testing your computer or device audio before the workshop.

■ Language

日本語 / Japanese

■ Level

■ Registration fees

You will get access to the live stream and recording of the event.・General live streaming & recording - 2,000 JPY + Service fee・Student live streaming & recording - 1,000 JPY + Service fee

■ How to join the Zoom webinar
・Find "Watch Stream page" in order confirmation email via Peatix for the Zoom link
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■ Timetable (subject to change) time in JST

14:30 - 15:00 Open
15:00 - 15:10 Introduction
15:10 - 16:00 Workshop
16:00 - 16:10 Break
16:10 - 17:00 Workshop
17:00 - 17:10 Break
17:10 - 18:00 Workshop
18:00 - 18:10 Update from TDSW
18:10 - 18:20 Close

■ Contents (subject to change)

Mixing live footage and computer graphics at once, virtual production helps filmmakers to get real-time feedback and to make decisions on set in the film industry. It is getting popular even for small budget production as the costs of equipment have been reduced.After COVID-19, there have been large-scale festivals with live virtual productions using UE4.Technologies such as real-time ray tracing co-developed by Epic Games (the developer of UE4), ILMxLAB, and NVIDIA and an NVIDIA RTX graphic card created mainly for the purpose of enabling real-time ray tracing to enable small productions and individuals to work with high-quality real-time rendering.

For the first half of this workshop, I will talk about "EXPERIMENTAL VIRTUAL LIVE" which has been held at "Moment Tokyo x REZ" since July using virtual production and real-time ray tracing. For example, chroma key, sensors, and cameras, workflow for those with UE4, control with TouchDesigner, pros on UE4's live visuals from the viewpoint of a VJ, and many challenges I have experienced.For the second half, I will explain how to work with levels, which is the basis for virtual production with UE4, and the file management required for live production among a small team for UE4 beginners. I also would share some advice with attendees about UE4 books and online learning resources.I, as a person who organizes "VJ Gairon" (Introduction to VJ) would like to tell VJs the following. Epic Games has started to provide large-scale funding to Blender, which would make it easier to work with this software. Since both UE4 and Blender can be used for free (UE4 is Royalty-free for the First $1 Million in Revenue), we possibly will see that new generation who do not know the rendering time in the future. I think we need to prepare for the future right now!I hope that many people will experience the possibilities of real-time rendering and the fun of live visuals through this workshop.


■ Instructor

NOBUAKI KAZOE(@nobuaki_kazoe

VJ REZ / VJ / Visual Artist / Born in 1989.
He is a Tokyo based VJ, and started VJing in 2010, and later formed "REZ" with Takuya Miyagawa in 2013.He has been involved in many parties as a VJ, and has worked on not only VJing but also live production and video direction with videos and lights since he started his career as a VJ at "ageHa 10th ANNIVERSARY WONDERLAND" in 2012 at "ageHa", the largest night club in Japan.In addition, VJ REZ has been working for many music festivals such as ULTRA JAPAN, EDC JAPAN, SUMMER SONIC, SONIC MANIA, and electroX. He has developed "DEVISION”, his own VJ system with TouchDesigner since 2016 and it was featured on a website by Derivative, the developer of TouchDesigner. He has organized the "VJ Gairon" project with Tokyo Developer's Study Weekend (TDSW) to reconsider the TOKYO VJ scene since January 2019. He lectured for "VJ course using Touch Designer / pre-render VJ edition" in "TOWER ACADEMY" promoted by TOWER RECORDS with the aim to develop next-generation entertainment tech human resources.He foresaw the possibilities of XR and live visuals when he performed as a VJ for "FISHMANS AR LIVE ‘INVISIBILITY‘ " held at "DOMMUNE" in 2020.Currently, he has been organizing "EXPERIMENTAL VIRTUAL LIVE" to explore the possibilities of next-generation live performance as "Moment Tokyo x REZ" with Moment Tokyo.He will participate in "Next World ExhiVision x 23rd JAPAN MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL", which will be held in conjunction with the "23rd Japan Media Arts Festival Award Winning Works Exhibition", with "EXPERIMENTAL VIRTUAL LIVE" from Moment Tokyo x REZ.

■ Requirements

・A recent computer with UE4.25.3 installed.
・A 2-button mouse with scroll wheel), or 3 button mouse.
・Please consult the System Requirements to make sure your computer is capable of running TouchDesigner and Houdini.

■ Notes
・No refund even if you leave the event earlier.
・The closing times may vary depending on how quickly we make progress.
・Photos, videos, and/or screenshots will be taken at this event. We will possibly share them via our social media accounts.
If you have any questions please contact us.

■ Organizer
TDSW | Tokyo Developers Study Weekend is an organization that runs workshops/events aiming to share techniques and knowledge about digital creativity and networking among creators and manages a community with creative people. We have organized more than 50 events and had more than 2000 attendees in total since April 2018. We deliver exciting after-hours and weekends to creative people focusing on visual programming tools such as TouchDesigner.