Underwater experience created with TouchDesigner

Starting 1st of June 2024, every visitor who reaches Muzeul National de Istorie Naturala „Grigore Antipa” - Bucharest, Romania can experience an underwater interactive feeling, created with TouchDesigner (Derivative). It is a colorful, vivid and educational animation for the entire family, not just for kids. It starts from a real story: Grigore Antipa and Emil Racovita Romanian explorers were schoolmates and they became international scientific figures during their life. Grigore Antipa had his Phd in sea life and Emil Racovita discovered a new whale species (Balena cu cioc), while being captured in the first underwater picture as scubadiver. Starting with these informations, #aFostOdata team and their collaborators implemented ”Exploratori de poveste” installation in the museum. Each visitor can scan one of the three fish (a whale, a jellyfish and a local fish) and can enjoy its projection. The exhibition is open for 1 year. More details