TouchDesigner Vol.046 Collage media & ideas to bloom your originality

Tokyo Developers Study Weekend
TouchDesigner Vol.046 Collage media & ideas to bloom your originality


Date18th July 2021 15:00-18:00 UTC+9
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日本語 / JapaneseLevelBeginner & Intermediate


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Free to watch this workshop in real-time on the TDSW YouTube channel. Join the TDSW Patron membership (above $ 20 / month) for the recording. We usually upload the recordings in five days.Timetable (subject to change) time in UTC+915:00-18:00 Workshop (incl. 10 mins break x 2)18:00-18:10 Update from TDSW18:10-18:20 CloseContents (subject to change)This workshop presents how to make crystal flower field. We will create the original world only in the screen. Techniques include L-System, instancing, keyframe animation, camera motion, lighting, material, effects after rendering, video format of Movie File Out TOP and effects with other applications. Also, there are talks about tutorials of TouchDesigner from the other artists and make good use of wisdoms for your artworks. Please create your own world after the workshop.


Saeko Ehara

Saeko Ehara is VJ and an artist based in Tokyo. Since she graduated from KABK in Den Haag (NL) in 2010, she especially has worked on making visuals and doing operations for concerts in the entertainment world more than 10 years. She mainly works at the arenas, concert halls and live houses throughout Japan. She started making and presenting art works again because of her study for creative coding at the Digital Hollywood to improve her career. She mostly constructs artificial nature with using flowers in the screen. She re-constructs the world for example, changing the texture of flowers to crystal and the colors to unnatural. She values to explore freedom without rules of the reality.
Twitter: @Sko_hr