TouchDesigner Study Group Vancouver Meetup #19 (online)

We will have the TouchDesigner study group meetup in Vancouver #19!

We will be hosting it online due to the current social distancing situation. We will send the link for a whereby room to anyone who registers before the event. We will accept 12 people this time even though it's online because it's our first attempt.

Time to study what you want! Don't be a spectator. Bring your TouchDesigner related project and work on it. Ask questions and share your knowledge. Find someone to collaborate with. Anyone of any skill level is super welcomed if they is highly curious or motivated.

Time Table

18:30 Start
\( Study time! )/
21:30 End

You can start working on your project as soon as you come to the room. You might want to use TouchDesigner Learning Resources as references if you don't have any projects.

Feel free to join us on our Slack as our activities include not only the physical meetup but online even if you can't come this time. Share projects you find interesting, topics you want to focus on, and speakers you want to invite. We will need your thoughts to get our group working better. (Slackin)TouchDesigner is a visual development platform that equips you with the tools you need to create stunning real-time projects and rich user experiences.