TouchDesigner Study Group Meetup #20

Stay home and study in our Whereby study room together!
No registration or fee required.

Touchdesigner study group is an open 24/7 video chatroom for studying and sharing Touchdesigner related projects.

The group is inspired by Mokumoku-kai which is a type of meetup widely organized in Japan. Mokumoku is a Japanese word that has several meanings, but in this case, it is an onomatopoeia that describes silence and concentration for studying/working individually.
However, despite the original meaning of the word, you don't have to be silent, you may want to chat and interact with other people during this session and that's great!

Any action from you is totally welcomed. You may also want to work on other software/tools, watch tutorials or anything.
Feel free to join and leave the room anytime.

Visit our Patreon for more detail of the group.
We hope to see you then!

Find your time

  • PDT: 18th April 5-10 PM
  • EDT: 18th April 8 PM - 19th 1 AM
  • UTC: 19th April 12-5 AM
  • CEST: 19th April 2-7 AM
  • JST: 19th April 9 AM - 2 PM