TouchDesigner Roundtable XXVI - October 26th

Organized by The NODE Institute, the TouchDesigner Roundtable Berlin is the meeting point for creatives and developers who work with the visual development platform TouchDesigner as well as everybody who is curious about the world of interactive media art and the people behind it.

With the 26th edition on October 26th, we return to the heart of West Berlin and visit once again POP Kudamm, a haven for cultural diversity and the exploration of a unified future. Born from the dynamic interplay of business, art, research, intellect, and branding, POP aims to be a place of participation, only a few steps away from the Kurfürstendamm U-Bahn Station.


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We will stream the talks on our Youtube channel as well if you can't join us IRL:

18:30 UHR / 6.30 PM / DOORS OPEN

19:00 UHR / 7.00 PM / KARIM HEGAZY

Karim Hegazy is an audio-visual artist based in Berlin and part of the Symbiotism collective. As such he is a passionate VJ that performs on just about everything from CRT tubes to LED walls with his unique, analog-digital hybrid setup, in which he combines the raw beauty of rugged F-bas signals with video sampling and TouchDesigner processing to dense and dynamic visual improvisations.



Ephemeral Tomorrow is a Berlin based media art collective composed by Riccardo Torresi (IT), Maxime Lethelier (FR) and  Asako Fujimoto (JP) The group focuses on the interconnection between art science and technology, having a common fascination for the universe and space exploration , their works reflect the aspects of remote sensing apparatuses through the aesthetics of light and sound.


21:00 UHR / 9.00 PM / PAO OLEA

Pao Olea is a digital artist from Santiago, Chile, deeply rooted in the interplay of the digital and natural worlds. She focuses on the continuous exploration and research of movement and form, employing the visual language of geometry, noise, color, and light. Each piece she crafts is a dance between complexity and simplicity, aiming to highlight that even the simplest visuals can evoke profound feelings of peace and harmony. As viewers engage with her work, they’re gently nudged to let their imagination soar, recognizing that understanding and emotion often reach places logic cannot.



With professional training in both performing arts and computer science, Diana considers herself a hybrid artist-researcher. In her artistic practice, Diana explores feminist approaches to knowledge creation, the potential of poetic machines, and the continued validity of traditions in an era of artificial intelligence and digital colonisation. She co-founded REPLICA as an experimental playground for collaborations, addressed to new media artists and performers, to come together and co-create.In her presentation, Diana will showcase examples from her years of experience at the intersection of creative technology applications and performance training and practice.


23:00 UHR / 11.00 PM / SOCIALIZING

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