TouchDesigner Roundtable XXV

Organized by The NODE Institute, the TouchDesigner Roundtable Berlin is the meeting point for creatives and developers who work with the visual development platform TouchDesigner as well as everybody who is curious about the world of interactive media art and the people behind it. As we celebrate our 25th iteration, the TouchDesigner Roundtable Berlin sails along the Spree River, heading to the southeast of the city. Here, we will explore an area steeped in industrial history, which now houses several fascinating projects, including the Spreehalle. This venue serves as Berlin’s latest hub for the production and performance of transmedial and transcultural music and performing arts.

Inspired by the flowing waves of the nearby river, this edition will be dedicated to the musical aspects of TouchDesigner. We will investigate Derivative’s recent integration of TDBitwig, a powerful tool that enables the creation of generative, immersive audio-visual performances and installations by combining the real-time audio processing capabilities of Bitwig Studio with the real-time 3D rendering capabilities of TouchDesigner, solidifying our community’s leading position in the realm of crafting audio-visual experiences.

Read more about the power of BitWig here.

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19:30 UHR / 7.30 PM / DOORS OPEN

20:00 UHR / 8.00 PM / ANTHONY DUNPHY
The SPREEHALLE is located in the new creative quarter on the banks of the Spree River in Oberschöneweide and features innovative and energetically charged art, music, and performance art with a societal driving force, which considers itself autonomous.Anthony Dunphy will introduce the project and shine a light on their PANTOPIA FESTIVAL (September 22+23 2023), an intensive programme of concerts, performances, exhibitions, installations and DJ sets fom artists and musicians originating from Australia, Turkey, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Berlin.


Bitwig was founded in 2009 in Berlin by four people who envisioned a digital audio workstation that is reliable, innovative, and offers helpful suggestions. Bitwig’s mission, to create a fun and creative DAW that thinks outside the box, has earned them numerous awards and made Bitwig Studio the audio program of choice for many musicians, sound designers, composers, film scorers, and artists from various fields. The latest version, Bitwig Studio 5, introduced new multi-stage envelope generators, which take the form of modulators and modules, as well as an upgrade to the modulation system by implementing track- and project-level modulators, creating new ways to perform live. Bitwig’s Placidus Schelbert (CEO) and Jörg Klußmann (Senior Product Expert) will give an introduction to the company’s history and Bitwig Studio’s advanced/unique workflow.

22:00 UHR / 10.00 PM / MARK HASHIMOTO
Mark Hashimoto is an artist and developer based in Los Angeles, California with a background in Data Science who is combining his programming skillset with a passion for music and creativity. He currently operates as a freelancer and commissioned artist, contributing to live performances, interactive installations, art exhibitions, and virtual productions across the United States. His work largely focuses on the relationship between expression and computation, particularly within the audio-visual realm. Marks interest in this field has led to his contribution to the TDBitwig System, enabling audio-visual workflows between TouchDesigner and Bitwig Studio.

23:00 UHR / 11.00 PM / SOCIALIZING


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THE TD ROUNDTABLE XXV WILL MEET AT: Spreehalle Berlin, Reinbeckstraße 16, 12459 Berlin