TouchDesigner Roundtable X

The Touchdesigner Roundtable Berlin is a meeting point for creatives and developers that work with the visual development platform TouchDesigner099 as well as everybody that is curious about the world of interactive media art and the people behind it.

How does it work?

Wieland Hilker aka Jonas Schmitt (Youtube and Facebook Event) and Carlos Serrano (Twitch and Facebook Event) are going to be in the chats and meet with the community. If you have questions or announcements, talk to Carlos and Wieland. They will speak as your delegates in the virtual studio during the Q&A.

PRESENTATIONS: 20.00 Uhr / 8 PM (Berlin time)

There will be 15 minutes of presentation and 10 minutes of Q&A for each Guest.In between the guests we will enjoy an audiovisual artwork of about 5 mins.



  • Ginger Leigh / Synthestruct
  • Aurelian Ionus / Paketa12
  • The AEJAA Cllective / AEJAA
  • Markus Heckmann / Derviative