TouchDesigner Roundtable IX

The Touchdesigner Roundtable Berlin is a meeting point for creatives and developers that work with the visual development platform TouchDesigner099 as well as everybody that is curious about the world of interactive media art and the people behind it.

The event is free of course, but if you want to support our work you can buy Donation Tickets here:

For the second time we meet online as the virus still has most us under its influence. We had a lot of good feedback last time and we hope to make the roundtable an even better experience this time. One measure is to shorten the presentations to 15 minutes, to be overall a bit shorter. Again the meeting will be streamed to our Youtube and Twitch channels.

Find the meeting here:

Wieland Hilker aka Jonas Schmitt (Youtube and Facebook Event) and Carlos Serrano (Twitch and Facebook Event) are going to be in the chats and meet with the community. If you have questions or announcements, talk to Carlos and Wieland. They will speak as your delegates in the virtual studio during the Q&A.


 Doors: 19.45 Uhr / 7.45 PM ( All times refer to Berlin time)
No active Stream, but you are welcome in the chats.

Meet the moderators, each other and have a drink!

Stream: 20.00 Uhr / 8 PM (Berlin time)

There will be 15 minutes of presentation and 10 minutes of Q&A for each Guest. In between the guests we will enjoy an audiovisual artwork of about 5 mins.

 20:15 Uhr / 8.15 PM / Yves Peitzner and Jelena Gregov of Studio TISH

From the south of Germany we welcome Jelena and Yves who together left New York to found an experiential design and art collective in the bavarian capital. Studio TISH (Technology, Imagination, Spaces and Humans) collaborates with forward-thinking brands and institutions, working at the intersection of art, technology and design, to deliver architecturally integrated audiovisual and interactive installations.

20:40 Uhr / 8.40 PM / AV Screening
t.b.a. by Studio TISH

20:45 Uhr / 8.45 PM / Christopher Bauder of WHITEvoid

Certainly one of the most influential light artists in Germany today and a tireless inventor, Christopher is the founder of WHITEvoid, the iconic Berlin based design and art studio. Wether commissioned by a brand or self initiated, their large-scale projects never fail to amaze. Through constant innovation, Christopher transforms his wildest dreams into an experience. His work spans a wide range of projects and scales, from architecture, interiors and large-scale installations to interactive exhibits and custom-made applications.

21:10 Uhr / 9.10 PM / AV Screening
 SKALAR - Reflections on Light and SoundBy Christopher Bauder and Kangding Ray


 21:15 Uhr / 9.15 PM / Mickey van Olst

Mickey is a Dutch artist based in Berlin operating with a variety of media often involving experimentation through technology. His work is driven by a somewhat naive curiosity for electronics, programming and design paired with a strong focus on conceptual thinking. Mickey works on interactive art installations, prototyping and computer generated visuals and has been tinkering the tech behind many well known media art pieces.

21:40 Uhr / 9.40 PM / AV Screening
Voice of Nature βº1 by Thijs Biersteker

21:45 Uhr / 9.45 PM / Markus Heckmann of Derivative

Derivative gets into the streaming game and premiers a format called TouchDesigner InSession, where up to 3 community members can review their projects with TouchDesigner developers. We want to know more about this and more from Markus!

22:15 Uhr / 10.15 PM / David Brüll / NODE Forum for Digital Art

David Brüll is one of the founders of the NODE Forum and we will talk with him about the upcoming NODE 2020 and his newest project: The NODE Institute aims to supplement the wonderful world of user generated tutorials with a professional learning path for aspiring experience designers and visual programmers.

22:30 Uhr / 10.30 PM / The End
Although it is increasingly depressing not to be able to meet you guys in person, we are happy to expand the Berlin Roundtable to a global round of like minded people. If you have any project that you would like to show or discuss at the next Roundtable on the 28th of May, where ever you are, please do not hesitate to get in … Touch : ) The roundtable is meeting at The NODE Institute International.