TouchDesigner Meetup: Use audio and MIDI in TouchDesigner with VST plugins

Saturday 25th February 4pm UK, 5pm Berlin, 8am LA, 11am NYC

Join us for a meetup showcasing artists who use VST plugins in TouchDesigner. Learn from their creative and innovative practices and discover techniques for integrating VST plugins in TouchDesigner. Whether you are a musician, sound designer or visual artist, discover the possibilities of VST plugins in TouchDesigner. Learn from experts, be inspired by unique and dynamic audio and MIDI projects. Immerse yourself in the world of audio and MIDI experimentation and creativity with TouchDesigner and VST plugins.


Speaker 1

Léo Leqroc

Leo is a Student in Master Degree in Digital Creation at Rennes in France who is beginning to learn generative art as well as a Sound Design in digital media. He's attracted by the randomness in art.

Presentation title: The VST CHOP as a Sound Design Tool

Description Of Presentation: In this presentation Leo will share a general glimpse of the VST CHOP. He'll show you how it can make your work more immersive and demonstrate some simple examples.




Speaker 2

Kamil Kalektika

Kamil is a Turkey based generative visual artist with a master's degree from National University of Science and Technology MISIS in Technological art. He works in the field of automation of nightclubs using TouchDesigner, stage design and interactive installations.

Presentation title: TouchDesigner Sampler with granular synthesizer

Description Of Presentation:  Kamil will share his patch in which he combines different simple techniques of making sound for his X-Ray aesthetics project with a little bit of spice - a new opportunity for VST plugins.



Speaker 3 

Jarett Smith, Derivative

Jarrett will be presenting some of the newer and more interesting aspects of the VST sofware including creating a clock for driving VST sequencers (New Feature) and driving VSTs with Bullet Dynamics.