TouchDesigner meetup / Lasers

The meetup will be recorded and published shortly after to our YouTube channel 

Time of meetup: Sunday 9th October 4pm UK, 5pm Berlin, 8am LA, 11am NYC

Meetups are a fantastic way to meet and be inspired by the TouchDesigner community.


Speaker 1

Name: Tyrell

Bio: At the intersection of art, design, science and technology Tyrell is a multidisciplinary design studio that recently opened its doors in Brussels.

Title Of Presentation: Laser installation at Tyrell and Ponk (Path over network)

Short Description Of Presentation: Presentation of Duality a graphical laser installation, HYPERFORM is an audio visual laser sculpture and Ponk sender a custom SOP that allow to send laser path from touchdesigner to madmapper.

Speaker 2

Name: Ana Herruzo, Ph.D.

Bio: Ana Herruzo has more than 10 years of experience working with new media tools, and her professional focus is the incorporation of lighting, audio, and video with the physical environment and human interaction. Synthesizing disciplines, she creates spatial experiences for a wide range of applications and audiences such as art installations, live music events, film, and architecture.

Title Of Presentation: Captured Atmospheres

Short Description Of Presentation: A detailed walkthrough of Captured Atmospheres - Interactions of Light Smoke and Matter, by NaiveLaser, for the Paseo Taos Festival in New Mexico. TouchDesigner laser projections, programming, and system and UI design.

Speaker 3 

Name: Daniel Dalfovo
Bio: Daniel Dalfovo develops concepts and software across a multifaceted landscape of new media art, design and research. At the source of his creations lives a critical enthusiasm and great fascination for merely discovered technologies.
Title: Dear Ada - On Phosphorescent Threads And Invisible Lasers
Description: "LOOM" is the latest laser installation by Daniel Dalfovo and Christian Losert. An expansive light and sound installation using the preciseness and velocity of today’s computing possibilities, at the same time referring to the still underlying core principle of the old weaving machine: a sequence of ONs and OFFs.