TouchDesigner: Introduction to Interactive Design

Introduction to Interactive Design is a beginner-friendly course for those new to TouchDesigner. In this course, we will explore TouchDesigner’s capabilities and how it can be used for creative projects. We will start by learning the different inputs - including images, videos, 3D scans, geometric shapes, audio files, remote controls, keyboards, and webcams. All these inputs are processed in real time, allowing us to create dynamic and interactive stackable elements.

As we progress, we will learn how to stack various elements together into networks. These networks are more than just technical structures but a methodology for creating artistic expression and crossovers between visual, audio, motion, and interactive elements. By the end of this course, each student will have a new toolset of design elements to stack into personal projects. This course is for anyone looking to dive into the world of interactive design and learn how to use TouchDesigner effectively.

This course will be taught by Jonathan Penvose, a Creative Technologist & Educator dedicated to the development of design thinking through storytelling. He has completed both the Design Theory & Pedagogy and Architectural Technologies program at SCI-Arc where he was awarded the Hsinming Fung + Craig Hodgetts Postgraduate Prize for his ‘Pro-Futures’ AI-Story Generator thesis. Currently, Jon is working in Virtual Production to design software integrations in support of the arts, film, and sculpture that integrate AI. He taught courses in architecture & interior design for three years at Kent State University and was visiting faculty at PUCPR in Brazil.