TouchDesigner InSession 23.0 with Ana Herruzo


Join us Friday April 14th as we are delighted to be joined by Ana Herruzo for the 23rd episode of InSession. Ana trained as an architect and is also an interactive designer and educator working in emerging and computational media and a long-standing cornerstone of the TouchDesigner community. She is an Associate professor at Arizona State University at their new Media and Immersive eXperience research center (MIX) and the Director of the MEDIAtedX research Laboratory. Stay tuned for more details but one of Ana's questions for our team is about using WebRTC to stream a real-time TouchDesigner scene in a browser while being able to mouse-click and interact with it. Ana is also collaborating with scientists visualizing white cell counts and is looking at animating their trajectories based on the velocity vector.

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Please note the new time of 2pm / 14:00 EST


Markus Heckmann
Isabelle Rousset
Greg Hermanovic
Michel Didier


TouchDesigner InSession will take place every three weeks or so. The format will be to have three consecutive participants each consult for up to 30 minutes with one or more members of our team. The event will be live-streamed and we encourage the community at large to tune in and ask their own questions in the chat. 

  • To apply, please fill out and submit this registration form. Before submitting please read carefully:

  • Incomplete registrations will not be considered. (“More info to come…” is not good enough.)

  • The session will be streamed online to the whole community. Make sure there is nothing secret in your project that you don’t want to reveal or you are not allowed to share.

  • We will use the latest Official and Experimental builds. Let us know what your project was created with.

  • Make sure your linked project or .tox file runs out of the box. For example be sure that any paths are relative to your project file.

  • If at all possible, break out issues with your project into smaller examples.

  • We encourage you to use TouchDesigner’s sample assets where possible.Please be considerate of download sizes. A GB per project is too big.Please be considerate of download sizes. A GB per project is too big.

The next session is scheduled for: Friday April 14th at 14:00 EST.