TouchDesigner InSession 22.0 with Darien Brito and TDMorph V3.0.0

Join us Friday February 10th as we welcome creative coder and audiovisual artist Darien Brito for the 22nd episode of InSession and the first of 2023. With Derivative boss Greg Hermanovic joining we will be taking a deep dive into the workings of Darien's powerful toolkit TDMorph coinciding with the much-awaiting beta release of V3.0.0. In short, for those not yet familiar with the vast potential of TDMorph, it is a tool for capturing and managing presets and morphing between them. In Darien's words:

"TDMorph is a toolbox for enhanced parametric exploration, preset storage, composition, and cueing in the TouchDesigner platform. It facilitates the creation and performance of generative content via various methods and archiving interesting parameter configurations using a JSON format. Furthermore, the library provides a set of tools that developers can use to create their custom systems."

Also check out TDMorph 2.0.0 and we look forward to seeing everyone on February 10th!

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Please note the new time of 15:00 EST



Markus Heckmann
Greg Hermanovic
Isabelle Rousset 


TouchDesigner InSession will take place every three weeks. The format will be to have three consecutive participants each consult for up to 30 minutes with one or more members of our team. The event will be live-streamed and we encourage the community at large to tune in and ask their own questions in the chat. 

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  • We encourage you to use TouchDesigner’s sample assets where possible.Please be considerate of download sizes. A GB per project is too big.

  • Please be considerate of download sizes. A GB per project is too big.

The next session is scheduled for: Friday February 10th at 15:00 EST.