Touch Jam Amsterdam - TouchDesigner Meetup

Touch Jam is a new TouchDesigner meetup in Amsterdam, that serves as a hub to share, connect, interact and learn in the world of Touchdesigner. We feel there is a need for a more frequent community gathering in Amsterdam, build on the legacy that is TouchDesigner, a visual coding platform, that inspires creatives to think outside the box of the new media realm.


What is Touch Jam?

Touch Jam is a new space in Amsterdam for creatives familiar with the platform called TouchDesigner or individuals interested in creative coding and the new media world, who want to learn about TouchDesigner. It's a place where they can come together to share their work and ideas, connect and interact, and ask questions.

It's a space where we can gather to grow and strengthen the community, and cultivate new ideas.


What is the plan?

The idea for a jam originated from the official meetup organized by yfx Lab at Amaze. At the end of the event, we gathered around, placed our laptops on the table, and connected to the venue's screens to just showcase our work and have fun.

That's essentially the core of this meetup: a group of people throwing their laptops out, sharing their creations, and starting conversations. For now, we're keeping it low-key, but as our community grows, we aim to experiment by incorporating small workshops and more.


Come and bring your laptop, have a drink and show us what you’re working on. We'd love to see you there!