Tech Adventures Festival

Tech Adventures Festival

Scotland’s first NFT & mixed media festival.

Queens Park Arena, Glasgow, Scotland, June 8-10

Main themes:

Technology in our Environment 

(Discussing Emerging Technologies and their impact on our everyday lives, personally, socially and on our earth's resources)

What is the Metaverse? 

(Understanding the relationship between the real world and the Metaverse, what it is, where is it going and what can it be for you and future generations?)

NFTs and WEB3 in The Arts 

(How decentralised finance, open-source technology and emerging online marketplaces are innovating and empowering artists across the globe)


The festival brings authenticity and fun to emerging technology that benefits the musician, gamer, artist, creator, designer, maker and culture as a whole for Glasgow and beyond.  We intend the event to be the beginning of an ongoing network that grows each year and can augment into other creative events in the future. The local community working with the crypto industry can play a key role in forming this collaboratively. The audience and contributors are inclusive and designed to be accessible by all with a range of skills in technology and experience levels. We will facilitate progressive collaboration that is intergenerational and therefore more relevant and tangible for people to engage with. We wish to demystify emerging technology and paint a history of its place in current creative works.  We will have a blockchain marketplace with partners and performances from top contributors. The focus will be ethical, inclusive, innovative, sustainable, regenerative, creative, and socially responsible technologies that enhance communities locally and globally.


Main Stage, Booths to showcase, Interactivity, Talks, Workshops, Product design, Marketplace, Local creator & maker network, Augmented Reality, Prizes & Games, Metaverse, Competition, Team battles, Marketplace for game items.

Value on offer:

Exposure, access to talent, publicity & marketing, token exchange, purchase & minting, an opportunity to show how the metaverse blends into business, protection of copyright, selling personal metaverse items, connecting with media/creative companies, connect with cutting edge research, network & fun!

Sustainability statement: 

We operate our festival @queensparkarena with care and protection of the park environment, a zero waste and 100% renewable energy policy. Our site production & NFT's will be generated entirely from renewable sources where feasible and we will limit and reduce the entire associated carbon footprint with a goal of 100% carbon neutral using some offsetting where no other environmentally friendly options are available.