Paris TouchDesigner MeetUps Kick Off

French & English Speaking 


OVVO Studio is delighted to announce the kick-off for the regular TouchDesigner Meet Up in Paris. Together with Derivative support, we are happy to bring the whole series of events aimed to reignite and consolidate the French TouchDesigner artist community and provide networking opportunities for all the actors of the Mixed Media scene.
Our mission is to empower and unify the French-speaking community by creating more visibility, exposure, learning, and teaching opportunities for all the creators.
Because of the way the new media artworks, there are hundreds and thousands of ways to craft installations from artistic and technical points of view. Sharing their experiences through written and recorded tutorials, workshops, forums, discord channels, Facebook, and Slack is and has been for a long time the primary way to learn the craft of artistic expression with digital tools, which is our personal favorite has always been TouchDesigner.
Also, we have a special treat for you all: we invite you to play on-site on our powerful servers with new TouchDesigner operators family - POPs that were just announced in Berlin and not yet publicly available. Come and play with examples provided by genius team and creators behind this ( from the founder Greg Hermanovic to Vincent Houzé, yfxlabs and many others). A new way of working with geometry (Points OP) and pointclouds open a world of new creative possibilities without a hit on computer power.

Kick Off program:

  1. Hello, world! Hello, Paris!

  2. Meet & Drink

  3. OVVO Studio presentation

  4. TD meet-ups roadmap - 3 formats

  5. Invited partner: INDPNDNT presentation

  6. POP with us! - interactive playground with new TD operators family


INDPNDNT - a creative association of cultural professionals. Their mission is to enable independent creators to express their feelings, ideas, and visions freely, bringing new voices and perspectives into the global cultural space. As part of the meetup, they will present an open call for the festival in Paris in the fall of 2024.


Included in the ticket price:

  • drinks (beers, soft, wine)
  • snacks (if you have a big lunch, can be enough)
  • logistics fees ( some equipment hire, furniture, transport, cleaning, eventbrite...)


What about the diner?

  • to keep up with the spirit of Montreuil (the hipster art Paris suburb) we're inviting kitchen on bike to cater for a small fee. It's tasty and not expensive and everyone can decide for themselves.




OVVO Studio

25 rue Douy Delcupe 93100 Montreuil


Hâte de vous retrouver chez nous! A bientôt!