• Never Knows Better presents NKB X ARS ELECTRONICA
  • This showcase features 13 NYC-based audio visual acts who will perform live for ARS ELECTRONICA 2021 at CULTURE LAB New York City Sept. 8-11 from 9pm EST- 11pm EST.  
  • Every discarded future that we have been promised has been accompanied by a technological shift that is billed to us as "essential." Successive generations of advertising experts and genius-designers have explained to us why the obsolete must be left on the side of the road. Faster processing, sharper graphics and artificial intelligence, we are told, will make our society safer, happier and more efficient. We are never asked why it was decided that we ought to be happier and more efficient, or by whom. By investigating the relationship between video and sound brought together by technology that until recently could only be dreamed of, our selection of talented NYC-area audio/visual artists will peel back through the litany of lost futures and promised utopias that haunt our imaginations until the ideological perversity buried within these promises is extracted and understood. Likewise, by providing emerging electronic artists with a platform to showcase their art and music, we demonstrate that ultimately in the hands of the artist, any piece of technology is simply a means with which they can communicate their ideas and share the joy of art with others.
  • Feauting Artists: “MANNA” And They Built Churches and Georgios Cherouvim Artists: Georgios Cherouvim (ATH) & Labros Filippou (ATH), GRANT BOUVIER Artist: Grant Bouvier (PHL), GLEIX Artist: George Gleixner (NYC), NIGHT SHINING Artist: Michael Romeo (NYC), TESTU COLLECTIVE Artists: Dan Tesene (NYC) & Serena Stucke (NYC), ERIN WAJUFOS Artist: Erin Wajufos (NYC), PARTITIONS 0.02 EXTREMA a performance by the Glad Scientist Artist: Daniel Sabio (PR),  MACHINE UNLEARNING// DIGITAL DETOX Artists: Sadaway (PHL) & Handhead (NYC), CO/FUNCTION Artists: Brian Thabault (NYC) ,TJ McCau (NYC), YANDL (NYC) and Rob Interface (NYC), JAY TOBIN Artist: Jay Tobin (NYC), TEMPORARY ATMOSPHERS Artists: Daniel Cevallos Andrade (NYC) & Aaron Cevallos Andrade (NYC), WHITE LIGHTS Artist: White Lights (NYC), Super_Dpressd Artist: David Pressler (NJ). 
  • Presented by Never Knows Better & XRE ENSEMBLE for ARS ELECTRONICA