Linda Bouchard - Ensemble Trioculaire +

Let yourself be transported along the fascinating paths of the graphic transposition of music, thanks to three major names in improvisation! Charlotte Hug (Zurich) François Houle (Vancouver), and Lori Freedman (Montreal) open the doors to Live Structures/Structures vivantes, a research project by composer Linda Bouchard, which playfully explores different ways of interpreting data in musical notation. Using the Ocular Scores tool, the composer pushes the boundaries of expression while revealing the high-octane creative potential of the performers.


Created by Linda Bouchard in collaboration with designer Joseph Browne, Ocular Score analyzes complex sounds to generate real-time graphic scores that evocatively translate the original data. In this original concert, the musicians will play using the researcher-composer’s drawings and visual manipulations. Live Structures/Structures vivantes is a series of works inspired by complex natural and social phenomena, of which Linda Bouchard will present five pieces: Drop, Gathering, Murmure, Gaggle and the premiere of Pandemonium.


Video credits Huei Lin