Houdini and TouchDesigner in artistic work. Open talk by Stanislav Glazov

On 21th of January Stanislav Glazov will hold an online public talk about the Procedural approach in Realtime and Non-Realtime Graphic.

He will be showing examples from his artistic projects using the power of two advanced software perfectly complementing each over:

SideFX Houdini & Derivative TouchDesigner.

Understanding proceduralism is a key to generative modeling and animation and while it’s opening abstract thinking abilities, it opens you the way to creating generative art.

Nowadays this pipeline also can be almost seamlessly extended by Unreal Engine.

During the talk, Stanislav Glazov will also present the brand new educational program he is developing last months:


It's a 6 month-long Online Course, where students will simultaneously learn Houdini and TouchDesigner, comparing similarities and differences between both programs, as well as researching the ways to extend the limited modeling possibilities of TD by amazing SOPs (surface operators) and DOPs (dynamics operators) contexts of Houdini and how to increase the working process by realtime TOP (rendering and compositing) and adding interfacing to data sources not supported by Houdini using the CHOP context of TouchDesigner, sharing data using common geometry and animation formats, as well as scene description formats and OpenEXR textures.



Registration is free
Talk Topics:
  • Why we need proceduralism
  • History of Houdini & TouchDesigner.
  • Short compare.
  • Project Cases.
  • Workshop presentation



Biography by Stanislav Glazov:

Stanislav Glazov is a Russian-born visual artist, musician, and live performer based in Berlin. For over 20 years of working in the fields of visual art and computer graphics, he’s been always looking for innovative opportunities in the intersection of art and technology.Driven by his audiovisual expertise and a perpetual desire to create unforgettable experiences that inspire a strong emotional response, he developed his own algorithms, synchronizing a sound with cinematic visuals and abstract digital shapes. His large-scale spatial-visual art installations and live performances explore meaning and narration within a self-written audio-visual languageAs a head of interdisciplinary art and design studio Licht.Pfad, founded in 2013, brought his works to different events and spaces around the world. Taking on visual design, animation, video production, software development, and 3D mapping, Licht.Pfad produces immersive installations from the ground up.In addition, for more than 10 years Glazov has been actively engaged in educational projects, providing online and offline workshops focused on audiovisual technologies and music production.