FLARE 2020 International New Media Art Festival

The FLARE 2020 International New Media Art Festival is organized by the TEA New Media Community in China. It aims to establish a global new media art network by coagulating international new media artists and innovative teams. With the combination of online and offline curatorial thinking, the festival is intended to initiate an urban cultural movement in the context of new media art, to activate public sensory experience, and to bond new relationships through entertainment, participation, and interaction. The Flare New Media Art Festival this year will lunch on November 21st 2020, included into four sections: Virtual Exhibition, Interactive Performance, Theme Forum, and TouchDesigner Chinese Workshop. We will release the artists’ lineup soon.


After successfully hosted the TouchDesigner 2018 Asia Forum in Shanghai, Digital FUN studio initiates its long-term plan of the “FLARE · International New Media Art Festival”. In 2019, the first FLARE International New Media Art Festival came into being in Shanghai and was honored to invite Ben Voigt, official product manager of Derivative, TDSW, a renowned international new media community in Japan, and the artist team nor and HEXPIXELS.