Crypto Art Week Asia 23-30 September 2022


Hey TD Community

If you are based in Asia and have an idea for a large-scale installation, come be part of Asia's biggest music, art and crypto festival. 

#IRL is a major new exhibition of pioneering digital artists working at the cutting-edge of new media art. #IRL will take place in Singapore, from 23-30 SEPTEMBER 2022, running at the same time as the Singapore Grand Prix, and be the marquee art event during the F1. CAWA also runs concurrently with Asia Blockchain Week and Token 2049, so expect the crypto world’s biggest names to be visiting. 

#IRL invites artists to think beyond the screen and to explore interactions with NFTs artworks in physical spaces, blending or blurring the lines between reality and the physical, and exploring new ways in which visitors can participate in the artwork.

Large-scale new media installation art has forever struggled to find a sustainable financial model for both artists and galleries and events. Powered by NFTs, Crypto Art Week Asia aims to disrupt the financial models around new media art, give artists the opportunities to do large-scale installations, and give the public what they are yearning for - IRL experiences. 


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Applications close on August 10.