Community Campfire Chat 2.0

Join us July 29th for the second edition of Community Campfire Chat as we welcome our good friend AV&C founder David Bianciardi for an intimate chat around the campfire.

It's an honor to have David as our first guest on the show, he's a bit of a hero to both of us and if you've ever had a conversation with David or watched his presentation What Do We Want to Be (When We Grow Up)?  from the Montreal Summit you'll have an idea of what we're talking about. It's RARE for someone producing projects on the scale David is working at to keep the same inquisitive, open mindset as people just starting out in their careers, always exploring new ideas and experimenting with technologies to create high quality and useful work and making great art! David is also at the forefront of exploring Experience Design from a creator's point of view so tune in and see what he's been thinking about!

The Campfire idea came about in the early days of the pandemic when TouchDesigner Community Manager Isabelle thought it would be fun to have casual conversations with community friends in a cozy outdoor environment and Roy of _yfxlab came through to build this enchanting low-poly world 100% in TouchDesigner.


LA : 12:00PM / Toronto : 3:00PM / Europe: 21:00

Streaming Live on Twitch