The Interactive & Immersive HQ PRO

The Interactive & Immersive HQ PRO is the first comprehensive training and educational resource available for TouchDesigner professionals.

Complete beginners, seasoned experts, and anyone in between who is serious about TouchDesigner will benefit from the training and community found in The HQ PRO. The program provides you with everything you need to realize your creative vision while getting paid top-dollar in the process

  • 80+ hours of TouchDesigner video training, with new courses added monthly.

  • A private Facebook group where TouchDesigner experts Elburz Sorkhabi and Matthew Ragan answer questions daily.

  • Group coaching/mastermind calls where you can discuss projects and get help specific to your goals and challenges.

  • Over 20 plug-and-play TouchDesigner tools developed and used by The Interactive & Immersive HQ PRO co-founder Elburz Sorkhabi.

  • An Affiliate Work page to showcase your projects.

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