Digital Dev: TouchDesigner. Immersive Environments

How do we design interactions, installations, and experiences around the constraints of the new world? How do we create environments that provide refuge and healing during crisis? This class will focus on the fundamentals and advanced techniques of real-time graphics programming, interaction design, networking, midi integration, and projection mapping, to create immersive environments that can have a technical and social impact for communities in need in a socially distanced era.

Students will learn these techniques using a tool called TouchDesigner, which is a node-based visual programming language for real-time interactive multimedia content. It's been used by artists, programmers, creative coders, and software designers to create performances, installations, and mixed media works.

The course will consider technical skills, methods, and aesthetics in the context of case studies that include large-scale environments for medical professionals to alleviate stress/burnout, for patients in clinical studies aiding in neuroscience research on brain recovery, and for commercial spaces bringing sanctuary to the urban landscape.


Co-taught with Matthew Ross.