Arduino and Touchdesigner Jedi

It's a FULL COURSE about communication between Arduino and TD! All stuff in one to learn how to create Interactive Installations and become Interactive Jedi!

In this course you will learn how to:

- Connect arduino to TouchDesigner via serial port

- via Bluetooth

- via OSC, TCP, UDP

- ESP8266 (NideMCU)

- Drive Led Strip via wi-fi

- Connect sensors to TouchDesigner project

- Drive stepper motors (12-36V) from TouchDesigner

- Basics of creation realtime visuals based on Arduino sensors Data

The course consists of 15 edited lessons without breaks to upload sketches and software pauses. After this course you will know how to connect sensors to arduino and integrate them in TouchDesigner project, how to drive arduino devices from TouchDesigner, how to make 2-side communication between arduino and TouchDesigner project and how to drive stepper motors 12-36V!