Vintage Lens 3 .png

This TouchDesigner tool takes any video input and dirties it up a bit.   With creative options, including chromatic aberration, lens blur, film grain, RGB delay, and vignette, this tool lets you infuse any input with a dose of old-school cool.

Vintage Lens Effect Tool


Hello, I rewrited an old SRT reader with more facilities to use it. It take a movie and srt file and output the movie with subtitles Ther is some parameters for color, background, shadows. Feel free to use it and to gve your comment.

SRT reader in TD


Sharing a custom component for Azure Kinect that has a bit more functionality than the one in the pallete. I made it a while ago so it's a bit ugly compared to how I would do it now, but I use it all the time and it has some useful functions!

Kinect Studio V1


You might already be familiar with Beats per minute counters in programs like Abelton, Resolume or you've got experience with mixers, cd players, that have a beatcounter included. In my time these used to be small blinking LED screens, not very accurate and helpful at that time.

BPM Sequencer TOX

 Screenshot 2024-06-26 045616.png

Hey! Today I share this tox I made which takes a texture and a color palette (as a CHOP) and replaces the colors of the image to the equivalent closest color from the palette. I've wanting something like this for a while so I hope this is also useful to you.

Closest Color Palette TOX