Gallery     Hey guys! Some friends and I recently made a LED light installation for our graduation degree at Gobelins, a French art school in Paris. ORCHA-103 is an interactive musical and visual installation that invites its visitors to play the role of a conductor.

ORCHA-103 | Interactive musical and visual installation

 Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 10.52.15 pm.png

Building on the momentum of making my way through my very, very first noise displacement tutorial, I had a go at Polyhop's instancing geometry in TouchDesigner tutorial.

My first instanced geometry

 Play Light GIF_0.gif

Particle Play is a spectacular display of audio-reactive dispersed particles dancing to an eerie note. Inspired by the endless asymetric cosmos and its supposed strange tune that makes it mysterious and ethereal. Further details available in Github Repo.

Particle Play


My first project at all. :D super proud (even it is still shit)


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Gallery false   This system makes the relation between GLSL and MIDI data. When I kick, TD gets data some velocity, then attach GLSL as a parameter.

GLSL Sea controled by MIDI

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Gallery false   Recently I often make a new system using Point Cloud. This system is managing midi data by Touchdesigner, then send to Notch as OSC data, and Notch made Point Cloud view. Finally TouchDesigner got NDI from Notch, then output as movies.

Point Cloud Move