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Working From Home and Creating Online Content as a TouchDesigner Developer

Elburz starts this video off with some advice for how to keep yourself productive and sane during the tough global situation and long hours spent indoors. His years of experience working from home (as well as the experiences of a few of our HQ PRO members in the chat) shed light on how beneficial it can be to keep a normal work schedule throughout your day. Elburz then gives you a tour of a new camera setup he's using for online content and how you can quickly, easily, and affordably turn your smartphone's awesome camera into a native webcam on your computer. Your computer will see your smartphone as a new webcam and you can stream the high quality camera into everything from Zoom to TouchDesigner to OBS and more. It's easy to do, costs almost nothing, and Elburz recommends it as a great way to break into making online content if you have a lot of time right now at home and want to keep promoting yourself and your work.