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WHITEvoid's Paper Wave for Citroën

WHITEvoid's Christopher Bauder tells us: The Paper Wave installation is 65 meters long. The Paper Wave consists of 100 sheets of paper (about 3x3 meter each). This time our Kinetic Lights winches, driven by TouchDesigner, are mounted upside down on the side of the paper installation.

The end of our winch wire is connected to two steel wires. A pulley system is directing the wires down again and each side of the paper is fixed. This way we can move one paper sheet with one winch. External wall washer lights on top of the installation are indirectly lighting up the paper sheets. This creates a very light and airy half translucent light texture.

We programmed special single wave movements to highlight a moving car driving underneath the wave. The wave movement follows the car like an air drag. The whole show was synced with a lighting console and music. The lighting console sent start cues for the wave movements.

We would like at this time to congratulate WHITEvoid on wining the German Design Award 2014 for FLUIDIC - Sculpture in Motion!

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