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VST Plugin Testing

TouchDesigner now supports hosting of VST3 Audio Plugins with the AudioVST CHOP.    

This post covers our testing progress of plugins from various developers. We will continue to keep this post updated and link it back to the forum so everyone can easily track developments in our expanding support for audio plugins.

For now we break down support into 3 main categories: Stable, Unstable and No Support.  

Stable Support in TD - Windows 10

These developers support VST3 for most (if not all) of their plugins. They have been tested with TouchDesigner and both the instruments and the filters seem to work well enough for us to encourage you to try yourself and post your issues.

Unstable - Windows 10

These developers provide VST3 plugins for some of their products, but there are major issues to be aware of. 

  • Softube -
    Not very well tested yet. We have seen lockups for the delay filter.  The instrument Modular (virtual Eurorack) works.but the iLok license system is not playing well with TouchDesigner yet.
  • PSP AudioWare -
    Not many VST3 but for those that exist they work very well.
  • Waves -
    The piano VST works well.  The filters are run in a VST3 wrapper so we have to figure out the workflow to load into the VST CHOP.

No Support - Windows 10

Forget about trying these plugins they haven’t ported to VST3 yet.


Stable Support in TD - Mac OS (Apple Silicon)

  • Arturia -
    All Arturia plugins from the Instrument and FX Collections working great!


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