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Vello Virkhaus, CEO and Director of V Squared Labs partners with Director Emilio Sa to bring a 360 Heineken themed visual dome to life.

V Squared Labs was chosen by client Corso Communications for the company's outstanding visual content works and ability to create dynamic experience content for any medium. This time the assignment was to create a custom 360 visual performance system along with brand content for Heineken Inspire activations .

This was no small undertaking and created the need to expand our scope of services into new areas of interactive development. The time schedule and budget were extremely tight, with a high profile event right arount the corner from job's award.

"This is the visual mixing tool I have always wanted to create..."

Derivative: So.. how did it happen?

VSL: V Squared Labs assembled a team which included Matt Daly, Bryant Place, Dave Foss, Todd Black and Carlo Sa.

Matt was the lead developer and collaborator in creation of the app. development to acheive a realtime 360 VJ tool. We collectively decided to use TouchDesigner as our creative tool for its unique, high quality realtime 3D and UI development capabilities. Matt showed us the light, and got me completely obsessed with TouchDesigner. So far, every laptop I own has been dual booted to Windows!

This project gave us a chance to finally colaborate on a generative VJ program. Matt and I had talked for years of doing something like this, but never got the opportunity. Now we finally had the chance!

This is the visual mixing tool I have always wanted to create, which incorporates multiple realtime HD video inputs, routes as a digital switcher with globally operable transfer modes. On top of this ultimate video router, we have the generative front end.. in realtime. Mindblowing, really.

"Its an amazing brand experience, there is nothing like it"

Vello Virkhaus and Matt Daly co-developed the Touch synth that powers Dome 2.0. Matt Daly created the system along with its core architecture working closely with Vello on creative development and interface. Emilio directed the creation of all domemaster format content and helmed up the digital content team. Bryant Place along with Virkhaus wrote the midi map and created several new audio reactive generative modes.

The team dove in and developed the entire system including dome content in less than 2 months from idea to touring deployment.The tight schedule really got our wheels turning, and inspired us to learn TouchDesigner far beyond just using the new synth/app.

Heineken utilized the domes at Ultra, Coachella & upcoming Outside Lands to create a consumer experience featuring brand video, artists performances and live VJ integration that simply stands above any consumer activation in the market today.

"Its an amazing brand experience, there is nothing like it" - Filip Wouters (VP of Marketing Heineken USA)

We built 3 custom machines and engineered a high tech, very stable, industrial touring solution. Using TouchDesigner and staying completely within the digital realm allowed us to run multiple extremely high quality 720p HDMI inputs into our system and output Fibre SXGA directly to the projectors.

This was an entirely new signal flow for us, which delivered stunning quality with very low latency.

The next steps in Dome 2.0 synth development will incorporate more advanced sync and global timing to automate switching and procedural process's further. We are looking forward to using the LFO and audio nodes to create music and video in 360 5.1 surround sound. Imagine, audio visual surround sound 360 dome!

Be on the look out for future Dome 2.0 Events and Brand Experiences.